Brought up to use words correctly

HAS anyone else noticed the ever-increasing malaise affecting so many people, who seem to be totally unable to differentiate between the correct use of the words ‘bought’ and ‘brought’?

I have been aware of this problem for many decades, but it does definitely appear to be on the increase.

Perhaps as a result of all of the many communication channels available these days.

MPs, journalists, news readers, TV personalities, even eminent Law Lords have been at fault, not very inspiring for the rest of us.

Some of my grandchildren were also confused when young, but I taught them the difference quite easily, and happily, they absorbed the lesson.

However, what has actually triggered this letter, is what I observed this morning, in a very well-known national newspaper, which must be read by millions of subscribers.

I was so appalled, that I actually telephoned them to comment on the error.

Whereas I was politely thanked for my call, I did detect an element of total disinterest, which was disappointing.

The full page article had the headline which read “For 10 years, he bought the German Bight and Malin Head into our homes”. Hands up, all those readers that identified the error?

Barrie Wennington

Selmeston Road