Bring on the Vulcan Bombers

HAVING just read week’s Herald letters regarding no Red Arrows at this year’s Airbourne, I agree the organisers must bring in the Avro Vulcan Bomber. Year after year Airbourne fans have requested this superb aircraft display be brought to our show and time again the organisers let us down. The event must have a major headline display and the Vulcan is just as big, if not arguably bigger, than the Red Arrows in public demand.

If cost is an issue, I believe it’s £12,000 per display, then why not take a leaf out of the Bournemouth airshow by advertising in local media and social networking sites such as Facebook asking for sponsorship/donations to help cover the costs. Bournemouth have done this for a number years and every time they’ve managed to afford the fee for the Vulcans.

The loss of the Red Arrows might be a blessing in disguise as hopefully it has forced our organisers hands into bringing in the Vulcan and hopefully a few more military fast jets lacking in recent years.


Falmouth Close