Bring back real sportsmanship

HOW times change. As a mum with two young lads I have had to become involved in football.

I was talking to my elderly father-in-law and he reminded me of the days when the English were ‘recognised as jolly good sportsmen’.

No falling over to gain a free kick or a crafty poke in the eye to an opposing team member.

He reminded me that in his day the fans would often criticise a referee in an amusing rather than a vicious manner with comments that referred to his eyesight and the need for glasses.

He could not recall hearing bad language or swearing at the referee or the players.

Well as I told him “It’s a bit different now.” Swearing in front of a lady or children is apparently all the rage and it’s OK to hurl abuse at the opposing team and the match officials.

Now while that might be acceptable for adult matches it should certainly not apply to junior matches and here I refer to Sunday October 16’s under-11 match between Eastbourne Town and Fishergate Flyers.

None of your polite oriental applause at this match, just loud-mouthed swearing and abuse at the players and referee (just 16-years-old himself), and just to make matters worse a stand up row between the two team managers.

I have written to the FA regarding their Respect campaign.


The Meadway