Brexit election promise broken


From: Peter Parfitt-King

Church Marks Lane,

East Hoathly

Many readers will remember the response of Stephen Lloyd to the Brexit referendum in 2016.

Mr Lloyd promised the Eastbourne electorate that he – contrary to his then leader’s policy – would support the decision in that referendum to leave the EU, without further equivocation.

Undoubtedly, given his significant presence during last year’s election, the voters expected that Mr Lloyd would honour his promises.

The facts are somewhat different; Mr Lloyd has not voted in any division to support Brexit; he has never voted in the lobbies for any such implementation, or in defiance of his Party Whip. That is in a situation where 50+ divisions have been held since his pledge was given to the electorate.

Mr Lloyd has been craven and cavalier in his attitude towards Brexit, and to the voters, he claimed that he would represent, if he were given a second opportunity to serve Eastbourne.

Mr Lloyd and his duplicity are the standard, as opposed to the contrary, by which his election must be judged.

He should resign forthwith.