Both shops projects should go ahead

I STRONGLY disagree with the borough council’s downgrading of the Crumbles development plans.

The area does need a revamp and bringing up to date, which in turn will attract many more visitors whilst giving Harbour and surrounding local residents better facilities.

Why can’t both projects go ahead? The borough council have an ideal opportunity to take advantage of this generous injection of funds.

Alas, once again sitting on the fence with no forward thinking, no insight to what Eastbourne people actually want or need, just shows what sort of council we have.

Both projects could put Eastbourne “out there” should the borough council show initiative with forward-thinking plans and by making a statement that Eastbourne WILL be different and better than other drab seaside towns.

Is this going to be another opportunity lost?

Don’t mention the Wish Tower fiasco, which again shows what sort of borough council we have.

Let’s run it into the ground, let’s knock it down, let’s not listen to the people, and lastly, let’s not have a plan on what will replace it.


Ensenada Reef, Sovereign Harbour