Bonfire night was so much fun to watch

I have been enjoying a late break in Eastbourne for a few days and wish to express through your newspaper my absolute delight at having, by chance, chosen the Bonfire Night weekend.

It was so good to see so many people thoroughly enjoying themselves, both those watching and supporting, and the wonderful parade.

I hadn’t realised there were so many bonfire societies or just how colourful and inventive participants could be with their costumes.

The bagpipes and the drumming bands were brilliant and kept the parade moving along.

I had seen the Pentacle Drummers in town during the morning and decided then to enjoy them again at the parade – such energy!

I understand from local people that the Eastbourne Bonfire Society was responsible for raising all the money to hold the event and, in times of cutbacks, full marks to them for what must have been a mammoth task to bring it all together.

I do hope it will be repeated next year when I will plan my visit to coincide with the event.

Chris Williams

Croydon, Surrey.