Bombing campaign shortened the war

REGARDING letters on the Bomber Command Memorial - the bombing of Germany was essential.

After Dunkirk it was our only means of waging war against an evil regime.

Germany had not planned to bomb England and had no heavy bombers, they expected to invade and conquer us easily.

Our bombing campaign shortened the war, tying up fighters and weapons that otherwise would have been employed against the Russians.

It delayed the introduction of V1 and V2 Nazi terror weapons by us bombing Peenemunde and their launching sites, so London was saved. Total war means just that.

More than 55,000 RAF airmen died to keep us free.

Dresden was a legitimate target. Large parts of it were destroyed before the raids of February 1945.

One hundred and twenty seven factories there were employed in war work, also it was a railhead sending thousands of troops, materials and munitions to the Russian Front.

Those critical of these raids by British and American heavy bombers should read Frederick Taylor’s book, ‘Dresden.’

It was Goebbels who added a nought to the numbers killed for Nazi propaganda purposes. The accepted figure was 25,000 killed.

The new simple memorial at Beachy Head is entirely appropriate, to men who sacrificed their lives for us, and is in the right place. Their courage was not in vain.


Grange Road