Blood team doing a marvellous job

WHILE I feel sorry for Rob MacNeill having had a wasted journey on August 19 to donate blood, I also had an appointment to donate that day.

On the Wednesday I received a telephone call informing me of the change of date and also I received a letter the following day informing me of the cancellation.

Fortunately, I was able to attend the session re-scheduled for the day before whereupon so did many others.

I was informed that in excess of 160 telephone calls had been made informing donors of the change of date.

There are many sessions throughout the Eastbourne area where people can donate, during the afternoon as well as the evening up to 8pm, which I would not call sporadic.

Having donated 76 units of blood this has been the first time in my experience that a blood doning session has been cancelled.

I personally feel the National Blood and Transplant Centre is doing a marvellous job in helping so many and always looking at ways to improving their service.

Angela Hind

Stuart Avenue