Blighted by mean motorists

AS ONE of the residents blighted by the inconsiderate and excessive parking by commuters in Station Road, Bishopstone, I welcome the opportunity to express my grievances as requested in the Seaford Gazette article (March 23).

This problem has been increasing exponentially over the last few years and has reached such a state that what is to all intents and purposes a residential area has been turned a free car park for commuters too mean to pay £2 a day to use the car park adjacent to Seaford Station or the “free” car park on Seaford seafront which is a walk of about 300 yards from Bishopstone Station.

The problem has become worse since the county council began charging employees to use the car park at County Hall in Lewes.

The result of the use of Station Road is damage to residents cars and property, obstruction of the road to such an extent several local traders refuse to make deliveries, excessive amounts of litter, noise at antisocial times and obstruction of driveways.

I am sure we all applaud measures to encourage people to use public transport but a full package of measures should be put in place to ensure it does not have a detrimental effect on others.

After writing and talking to the county highways department over a number of years, which can be likened to ‘juggling soot’, I welcome Norman Baker’s intervention and live in hope he can make common sense prevail to resolve this matter.

Steve Buhlman

Station Road, Bishopstone