Birling Gap cottages are an eyesore

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MANY years ago I came up with the anagram Galing Burp for Birling Gap, and I remember making reference to the general scruffiness and ugliness of the area, said by some to be a ‘beauty spot.’

The other day I passed by the place with some friends.

It seemed as it ever was, with the remaining stark, terraced houses, which if the residents gave them a bit of colour (as one of them has) and made them more like pretty mews cottages instead of the barrack block that they resemble, Eastbourne could be proud of their place as an attractive adjunct, instead of an ugly eyesore.

Maybe a TV make-over team could do the job and maybe Tony Robinson and his time team could delve around the Roman Villa site, and add some shekels to the pot towards what has to be done at the Wish Tower.


Hill Road