Bio-hazard suit could be answer

AS AN ex-smoker I would like to comment on Nigel Blair’s letter re smokers polluting the town’s sea air.

Mr Blair complains about smokers on the seafront offending his sensitive nose with noxious fumes from pipe and cigar.

As the prevailing wind comes off the sea (and prevails most of the time!) we can only assume Mr Blair must have been standing in very close proximity and downwind of these poor unsuspecting smokers, somewhere in the region of a foot, invading their personal space and making a nuisance of himself!

In the case of the man jogging Mr Blair must have been jogging alongside him shoulder to shoulder to have his air polluted and probably obstructing his way.

Oh please, give us all a break! This sort of comment is on a par with a neighbour on our estate who complained to the site management about birds landing on his roof!

It’s a pity people like this don’t spend their time doing something constructive about things that really matter and have an effect on others’ lives as they obviously have nothing better to do than complain about innocent activities of people and animals.

If Mr Blair’s nose is that sensitive I suggest he invest in a bio-hazard suit with his own air supply then he wouldn’t have to bear noxious smells and we wouldn’t have to listen to his senseless comments.

Mike Church

Oak Tree Lane