Bikers don’t care for own safety

AS A motorcyclist I am appalled to see fellow motorcyclists of all powers of bike, riding with apparent disregard for their personal safety.

In recent weeks I have noticed riders wearing sleeveless t-shirts, shorts, sandals and even, on occasion, no gloves.

They seem to think that they won’t ever be in an accident or just simply fall off.

They would seem to have little or no awareness of the potential injuries that may result in them making an unexpected contact with a hard unforgiving road surface.

As a motorcyclist of some years I would encourage these people to wear substantial clothing at all times as you never know when fate is going to decide that it’s their turn for an accident.

I appreciate that it may not be “cool” to cover up in warm or hot weather, but it also isn’t cool to loose several layers of skin requiring possible skin grafts and scarring.

Surely it is better to be a bit warm than risk serious injury.

Peter Parr

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