Bigger buses won’t help

I just cannot believe that Stagecoach are putting even bigger buses than they operate now on our highways and that the councils are allowing it, especially on Cavendish Avenue, one of the busiest roads in Eastbourne now, without first putting the road in a maintained condition.

This is essential, particularly at the Firle Road end of the Avenue - which is in an atrocious state, as it is making the foundation of our properties shake under our feet due to the large vehicles using this road these days.

I have written to our MP Stephen Lloyd and in his reply to me he states that he agrees with me that they heavy traffic is damaging the roads.

He has passsed my comments on to Rupert Chubb, director of transport, at ESCC and my letter on to councillor Wallis, one of our Devonshire ward councillors, but so far no movement- not surprising to me as I have been writing to the county council on this matter since November 2011.

I was hoping to pass my property onto my sons in a reasonable state, but I think that is a pipedream now.

Cavendish Avenue residents, be warned!


Cavendish Avenue