Bexhill’s money wasn’t well spent

Re: THE letter from Mr Crooks (‘Looking after our seafront asset’, September 2).

The sum of £5.6 million referred to was mainly obtained from outside grants and I, and even some Bexhill people to whom I have spoken, consider this a complete and utter waste of money.

The children’s area of which he speaks would be overcrowded with more than six children and the (newly-painted) restaurant to which he refers has been there for years.

Also, there are no designated disabled parking areas, so you have to park a wheelchair along a very narrow gravel path alongside a very cheap-looking wire mesh fence until you hopefully find a path through to the prom.

Furthermore, the wonderful shelters to which he refers are nothing more than eyesores and would give very little protection in a high wind and are certainly no match for Eastbourne’s so-called antiquated Victorian shelter, even though in this modern age they are windowless due to vandalism and arson.

Also how he can possibly compare the landscaping and garden area to our lovely carpet garden I do not know. As for the free seating I would be surprised to hear of any other resort with more free seats than Eastbourne.

Mr Selvey

Thackeray Close