Betrayal of young people in his ward

I WRITE in regards to the article you featured on Councillor Tom Liddiard’s motion to council (Herald, February 24).

I was somewhat surprised to discover Cllr. Liddiard is, in fact, Eastbourne’s youngest councillor.

My surprise is, of course, due to the propaganda issued by this young man in regards to the skatepark in Gildredge Park.

I was one of the unfortunate people (I suspect one of many) who received this leaflet through the door last summer.

It was indeed the young councillors prerogative to object to the siting of these facilities.

However, as the Herald rightly pointed out in its ‘comment’ section, to actually demonise the people for whom it was built, simply isn’t on.

I have no doubt Councillor Liddiard will have helped young people, whether in a private or professional capacity, and I expect to see letters in support of him from them.

However, I’d like readers to reflect upon the fact this only makes his unjustified betrayal of the young people in his own ward by his propaganda even greater.

You cannot shun one group of our young people and then promote the fact you are helping others.

I find that kind of behaviour extremely unpalatable in that of a councillor. At the very least, as a resident in Upperton ward, a full apology from Councillor Liddiard would be a start.

I await, with interest, the next edition of his leaflet.


Vicarage Road