Best way of beating the traffic blues - get a jet pack!

What a week for letters referring to transport. Firstly, the parking charges and new yellow lines.

It was refreshing to read A Reed’s letter who rightly states that there is no real reason for some of the yellow lines earmarked for the rodmill other to appease the locals. Keith Tarrant, on the other hand, only has a point when people park irresponsibly, other than that i’m afraid he is, like so many other people, a nimby.

I’ve parked responsibly up there many times and on occasion have noticed curtains twitching, and have even been approached by a local telling me i shouldn’t park there!

Add to this more meters being put up around the town – it’s been said so many times, more businesses will close as people are literally being driven to do all their shopping in large stores with free parking, and all this has cost nearly half a million pounds in a review? Unbelievable!

So, if motorists are hated by nimbys and councillors and as a result decide to leave the car at home, how should they get around?

Cycling’s a good idea! It’s green, it’s cheap, and its fun! Trouble is, no one likes them! Motorists get fed up with them, just ask B Farmer. Bespoke irked him by welcoming the new crossing at cross levels way!

Truth is, whether you’re on foot or on bicycle, trying to cross that road has been a nightmare, and this move at least ensures more safety for whoever uses it, so why shouldn’t bespoke welcome it?

As for a cycle path on the prom, yes, there should be, there’s enough room to justify it and it works around Langney Point. Roads are more and more hazardous for anyone wishing to cycle, you literally take your life in your hands every time you get on your bike!

So, where does that leave the transport issue? I’ve contemplated getting a jet pack and flying everywhere, but I fear the councillors would think to charge an air tax, and the nimbys would complain that i was blocking the sun! Hmmmm!!!

M. CLARIDGE, Seaside.