Best thing the coffee and view

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THE new Towner Art Gallery regularly finds space in this paper - far from surprising when you consider its cost and the unfriendly starkness of its concreteness. Whereas what a characterful and welcoming place the original was and could possibly have been if space could have been found for a cosy coffee nook within its walls.

I’ve only visited the new one once and on that occasion there seemed as many staff as visitors and the art work in the areas open was abysmal.

The best thing was the coffee and the view.

What was it that Michael Harris said about the place being a white elephant?

Not far from the truth I reckon, and had the architect made it low instead of high maybe an albatross would have been applicable.

It seems that very often the wrong people hold the purse strings, and in this I am reminded of the thousands spent on those lumps of wood stuck in concrete adjacent to the old one.

Arthur Cote

Carlisle Road