Beginning to think I was only one...

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Reading the Herald Opinion column, I was pleased to see that you mentioned the top end of Terminus Road.

I was beginning to think I was the only one who had noticed the empty shops there including the threat of T J Hughes closing.

That area of Eastbourne is the gateway for the majority of visitors staying in the seafront hotels and the hundreds of day trippers who arrive in coaches to be dropped off at the pier.

The frontage of most shops and all of the upper levels, especially on the west side of the road is a disgrace. It not a sight to be proud of.

Why can’t that area of Eastbourne be upgraded and improved along with Seaside? Why spend all that money on creating more shops when there are so many businesses struggling or disappearing?

The Co-op building could be used to house new shops, offices etc. I understand that the west side of the street as far as the Co-op building is privately owned, so I wonder if this is why it cannot be revitalized.

If this is the case, then surely the council should be able to force the landlord to bring his property fronts up to standard.

What’s the point of having a fancy pedestrian area if, to get to it, visitors have to walk down a street dotted with empty shops and scruffy buildings, though they will be spoilt for choice for refreshments.

The seafront end of Terminus Road is a highly important area for our tourist trade, we can’t afford to ignore it.

So please, come on council leaders, look again at Terminus Road. Walk down it from the seafront and take note!

Dee Rivers

Martinique Way