Beer logo should have been changed

I CAN SEE an easy way in which the turmoil that has arisen over the name [of the Beachy Head Christmas Jumper real ale] might have been avoided. Instead of using the usual beige coloured label with the words Beachy Head writ large, and a picture of the famous cliffs, the brewers could have created a new label for this special beer.

Think of how the Post Office has regular stamps (definitives) with the Queen’s head and brings out special designs for special occasions.

Had the brewers designed a new label with their name in smaller print across the top (see, for example Fullers beers), a picture of Santa in a big woolly pullover in the centre, and the name Christmas jumper below, I don’t think nearly so many people would have been offended.

I realise that the picture of Beachy Head cliffs is part of the brand logo but perhaps in this case it would have been better to exclude it.


Michel Grove.