Bedroom tax stigmatises social tenants

As from April 1 the Government is implementing the ‘bedroom tax.’ I find it an iniquitous measure that punishes tenants for having a spare room.

There has never been adequate accommodation available for single people who now comprise a larger section of the population than previously.

Consequently renters who can’t find alternatives will suffer reduced benefits without bearing any responsibility for their plight.

Equally a tenant will no longer be able to have a relative, friend or carer to stay with them at holidays or for necessary assistance.

A current problem facing many singles is loneliness this act will intensify the problem. If forced to move, the tenant may well find themselves further from employment, family and friends and thus adversely affect their standard of life.

This act stigmatises social tenants leading to even greater divisions in society. Previous Governments have failed to provide sufficient social housing and this Government should be remedying this not punishing many poorer members of society! It appears to be yet another policy adopted without sufficient forethought!


Royal Parade.