Beacon of Hope

There’s concern about our famous lighthouse at the foot of Beachy Head;

The story goes it will cost too much to repaint it white and red.

As well, we’re told it must be left to slowly fade to grey;

There’s many here who are all shocked and want to have their say.

I’m not a local man you know, but this I do believe;

With effort from all round we can this site reprieve.

I’ll put my penn’orth in the hat and help out if I may;

To keep our icon spic and span to safely light the way.

Of course there’s lots to take on board to make this all come true;

But it will only come to life with help from folks who care like you.

My parents, Londoners by birth, would cycle everywhere;

At Beachy Head they saw the sights, and paused for lunch whilst there.

So many agencies take profit from our island’s history;

Yet, will they release some funding for this task? We’ll have to wait and see.

If nothing’s done this land will be of another jewel bereft;

We’ll finish up with a legacy entitled, sorry – nothing left!

The way of using modern paints could last the light for years;

Some 25 of them we’re told, if we can believe our ears.

It seems, therefore, we have a choice to check this situation;

For once in our lives to preserve this light as a beacon for our nation.

Rob Ekins

Broomfield Road.