Beachy Head beer launch has left a bitter taste

AS A STAUNCH supporter of local businesses, my initial reaction to the Beachy Head Brewery story was to continue to support a local business in producing a good local beer.

I have experienced their offerings on several occasions and can report that the flavour is up there with the best.

Having now seen the story in the Herald and had sight of the bottle label my attitude has changed somewhat.

I have experienced what it is to lose someone to depression when my wife and the mother of my two children who was suffering bi-polar disorder was taken to the cliffs by care support staff in 1999.

Ending her life in such a devastating way has had a profound effect on the lives of those who knew and loved her.

The brewery spokesman has claimed that the reference to jumpers was solely inspired by big woolly jumpers given at Christmas.

If this is the case, then why is there a picture of the cliffs on the label and not a big jolly Santa sat wearing a jumper?

The more I have thought about this the more disturbed by it I have become.

I work in the digital design industry and I know how much thought goes into branding products to gain maximum exposure.

What is claimed to be an innocent approach by the brewery to my mind is a poorly gauged marketing ploy which sadly is working with national press coverage a bound.

For me this smacks of either pure insensitivity or misguided amateurism and has left a very bitter taste which will keep me from supporting this local business in future.


Filching Road.