Beach rubbish cause for concern

SINCE Sunday was quite a fine day we decided to go to Langney Point to see if any fish were biting. Sky blue, sea calm - very pleasant but for the pile of picnic rubbish strewn around.

Someone obviously had a good time judging by the diverse selection of food wrappers, drinks cans, bottles and plastic bags left behind.

Not wishing to see rubbish ending up in the sea, or injure child or animal I picked it all up.

Some had already been put into bags so someone did actually, at some point, think about picking it up, presumably to take it away, then they must have decided not to bother. I had to walk to a bin to dispose of it but really this was not too much trouble.

What I can’t understand is the thought processes of people who leave rubbish like this. Do they walk away without a thought that they are not behaving correctly?

Do they see their debris and think it is up to ‘someone else’ to deal with it (fairies perhaps?) not considering the damage it could cause or how they would feel to come down to the beach to be greeted by such a mess? Do they simply not care?

From the debris it looked like children may have been in the party. If so what sort of lesson is it for a child that it is OK to leave your rubbish anywhere you like.

Full carrier bags are heavier and more bulky to carry than ones with only rubbish. They carried it there but couldn’t be bothered to carry it back.

A black sack could have taken care of all the mess and been either dropped off in a big bin or taken home for disposal. It’s not good using lack of bins as an excuse. As we saw on the local news Brighton beach is covered with rubbish despite them.

This problem is the result of either ignorance and absolutely no awareness or anything beyond their own immediate wants, or the conscious decision of ‘I don’t care about anything or anyone as long as I do what I want’.

I suppose there is hope for the former, perhaps they may suddenly wake up and see their responsibility to the environment and others. As far as the latter are concerned, I hope they stop and think and choose not to do similar in the future.

If anyone among the group that left the stuff reads this hopefully it will make them think before doing it again.


Willingdon Park Drive