Battle on again and we have hope

BACK in 2006 people of goodwill right across the wider Eastbourne area successfully petitioned, lobbied and marched to save the Hastings and Eastbourne based consultant-led maternity services from being relocated to one site or the other.

The decision to retain maternity services in Eastbourne came in 2008 - the same year that was designated by the Christian Community as a year of ‘Hope for Eastbourne’.

Four years on, the battle is re-engaged but we still have hope.

Hope that the decision makers at the East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust will see the needs of the people of Eastbourne as their first priority, albeit with tight budgets.

Hope that people in desperate medical plight will not have to face the nightmare drive to Hastings across the notorious Pevensey marsh road to get the emergency care they need.

Hope that poorer families, many dependent on public transport, will not have to journey to the back of Hastings to visit their sick relatives.

Hope that after years of muddle the people of Eastbourne and the dedicated staff of the DGH will have the well managed hospital they need.

We are confident that members of the local Christian community will once again back the ‘Save the DGH’ campaign group in their united struggle to achieve the best for local people.


Bishop of Lewes


Chair of Churches

Together for Eastbourne