Badly planned on the buses

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Email your letters to us

From: Peter Cox

Albert Road, Polegate

I write regarding the six-week closure of the northbound bus stops in Terminus Road.

Users travelling towards Willingdon, Polegate and Hailsham have to walk to a temporary stop in Gildredge Road near Hyde Road. There is no shelter.

Routes 51, 54 and 98 on their inward journey disembark passengers at stops D or E in Cornfield Road then go empty to Gildredge Road to load for the outbound journey.

Why not start their next journey from Cornfield Road stops D or E instead of previous stop H and save people the walk to Gildredge Road. Badly thought out.

Electronic displays for stops H to M are still displaying times but there are no buses from these stops. I have contacted Stagecoach with my views.