Back on trail of small print menace

I AM back again to spotlight this on-going need to get small print erased from all of UK’s business documentation, specifically appertaining to insurance companies, energy/holiday and online organisations.

The many complaints due to small print usage was aptly exposed on BBC’s Watchdog programme and now the new BBC series Rip Off Britain further emphasises the continual suffering/frustration caused through hundreds of people failing to acknowledge or unable read the significant importance detailed in small print.

Now if small print is such an important factor that people must read then why relegate that to print that makes for difficult reading and causes endless trouble for people only seeking an honest and fair deal.

Surely it is imperative that the Government addresses the menace created through use of small print in documentation and makes it policy all print be kept to normal readable size?

I would say the use of small print is tantamount to corruptive practices.


St Marys Court