At long last, here is some good news!

THANK YOU all for the Eastbourne Herald. We like to see the lovely news about our wonderful resort Eastbourne, you can’t beat the town, seafront, and most of all the people.

It is good to see some good news, the former Co-op building converting it into a hotel.

The demolition of the Cedars in Upperton Road should not happen, it is a superb part of Eastbourne and should be saved for the people if not the country.

I agree with the people of Eastbourne about the demolition of the Wish Tower Cafe but we most go forward, let’s have a more pleasing building to compliment our wonderful seafront in Eastbourne and would benefit its past and people. (Let’s get moving after such a long time without it).

We are sure Princess Anne enjoyed her visit to Eastbourne and hopefully will visit again and come to stay at one of our superb hotels.

Thanks again Eastbourne and its people.


Harebeating Crescent, Hailsham.