Ashamed of this astonishing attack

I AM neither young nor old, being born in 1968. I live near Gildredge Park, and I received the leaflet your comment section (February 24) made reference to.

I attended the council meeting last Wednesday - as any member of the public is entitled to do.

I’d like to express my total astonishment at the Conservative attacks on members of the public from their seats in the council chamber, which were the only personal attacks that took place that evening.

Both Councillor Patrick Warner of Sovereign Ward and Councillor Tom Liddiard of Upperton Ward should be thoroughly ashamed.

The young men and women who joined me in the public gallery behaved impeccably, in spite of (what I found to be) tawdry behaviour from the councillors.

I felt outraged on their behalf, and personally, I don’t think Cllr Liddiard helped his cause by glaring at the young people prior to and after he spoke.

I very clearly heard him say ‘how dare they come’, or words to that effect, before the meeting started. Sadly, I don’t think the journalist present was in ear-shot of this further attack on our young people.

I fully recommend residents to attend public council meetings. It proved thoroughly interesting, and extremely revealing. I confess now I’ll probably be changing who I vote for in the future!


Arlington Road