Arndale redesign is not in keeping with Victorian history

IN my opinion, the pictures on the front page of today’s Herald show just how out of place our £70 million (I would like to know how that type of figure is arrived at) new Arndale Centre will look.

It wasn’t a great design in the first place so now was our chance to use more imagination.

The plans are clearly still not in keeping with our Victorian history and if people think that doesn’t matter, ask yourself why anyone would want to visit a town which has no individuality any more.

You only have to look at the lovely clock tower in the picture to see that it is not compatible with the horrible flat lines of concrete and glass that is our new shopping centre.

You say that the majority of Eastbourne residents voted for this design and if so, I would suggest that we don’t seek the opinions of people who haven’t much idea about maintaining the history and feel of their town.


Granville Road.