Arndale destroyed community spirit

SO the owners of the Arndale are threatening not to go ahead with their extension plans. Good! Can we have it in writing?

That damned monstrosity destroyed any community spirit in the town centre when it was built, especially phase 2 which got rid of the rest of the shops in Junction Road.

Eastbourne could really do with a nice town square. Somewhere where the students could arrange to meet without getting in anybody’s way.

With all the empty shops in Station Parade directly opposite the station, couldn’t we demolish everything up to Ivy Terrace?

Then, all the shops in this area still open could simply relocate and the staff at Ivy House move to one of our many empty office blocks instead in order to build a fantastic town square which would look attractive to anyone alighting at the Railway Station?

People are saying we don’t need to be like Brighton or Hastings but at least Brighton has the Lanes and the North Laine area and Hastings has its Old Town for interesting little shops.

We’ve got the grandly-named Little Chelsea but that’s still expensive and formulaic.

I believe in expanding the Sovereign Harbour shops because at least browsing them is far more enjoyable than the urban shopping nightmare which is the Arndale.

They advertise it as ‘Just a perfect day’! I think my exclamation mark sums up my contempt of that statement quite nicely!


Penhurst Close.