Archaic train system making life difficult

I RECENTLY moved back into the area having spent many years away and am astounded at how archaic the train services still are.

I am looking for a permanent job and finding anything in the Eastbourne area is petty tough as there is not much around and the wages are incredibly low. So an option for me would be to try and find something in London.

This unfortunately would mean a round trip each day of three hours - along with getting home really late each night, very very off putting, and I would imagine truly exhausting.

If the journey time could be cut to 70 minutes each way that would be a saving of 40 minutes which would make a huge difference, especially if you are a commuter. I foresee that if things do not change for the better I would have to move out of Eastbourne.

I would also like to point out the slow dreary line from Eastbourne to Brighton and the lack of carriages at peak times. We pay over the odds for our train tickets and it is about time we got a decent service.


Ceylon Place