Appeal for help on scarf colours

COULD I appeal to those more elderly readers who were a wolf cub or a scout, locally, in their younger days.

I am keen to know what colour scarfs were worn by the following groups: 3rd Eastbourne (Cholmeley House), 1913–25 13th Eastbourne (Ceylon Place), 1920–22 14th Eastbourne (Pevensey Congregational), 1921–22 19th Eastbourne (Downsmeade School), 1922–24 19th Eastbourne (YMCA), 1924–26 20th Eastbourne (Old Town), 1925–28 24th Eastbourne (Our Lady and St Gregory), 1975–80 26th Eastbourne (Downsmeade), 1933–36 1st East Dean & Friston, 1936–48 1st Anderida (Lowther’s Own) 1909–22 (latterly Pevensey & Westham) 1st Westham, 1927–32 1st Willingdon, 1930–34 1st Willingdon (Ratton), 1908–21 1st Willingdon College, 1939–44

If anyone can help with any of these, please do get in touch – I will be very grateful.


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