Appeal for help from local MP

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COULD our local MP Stephen Lloyd help the people who got him elected in to office?

We need help with getting a decent bus service in Cherry Garden – Longland Road.

At present we have one bus an hour – three on Saturday, nothing on bank holidays or Sundays.

Last one Monday to Friday from town is at 5.35pm, Saturdays it is 3.05pm.

Meads has a 20-minute service and a Sunday service.

In Cherry Garden we have a great deal of elderly and disabled residents, why can’t we have a decent service?

The name of the bus company is right – Stagecoach.

This name is apt, they used to have these means of transport in days gone by – this is 2010 yet they can’t see, this is the worst service in Eastbourne.

So come on Mr Lloyd, listen to people of Old Town who put you where you are today and help us.

Sue Pont

Bodmin Close

Old Town