Appalled by insensitivity of brewery over beer’s name

I am appalled and dismayed by the crass stupidity and insensitivity shown by Roger Green of the Beachy Head Brewery.

This man has obviously tested far too many bottles of his 7.2% proof beer. His weak excuse about the labels does not wash with any one of us with half an ounce of intelligence!

Could I humbly suggest that he quietly disappears and allows a sober member of the brewery (surely there must be one) to change the labels before their brewers are besieged by a lynch gang!

I have never been so inflamed, ever, as I have by this callous labelling episode and expect the Eastbourne people will boycott this brewery and its products, deservedly so.

The only thing darker than your ale is this day! And your ale has left a bad taste in my mouth!

But there is worse to come, for when the people of Tunbridge Wells learn of this disgusting incident they will surely berate this evil joke with even greater vociferance.

Goodbye insensitive Mr. Green.


Roselands Ave, Eastbourne