Apathy leads to anger over issues

I am angry that Eastbournians are so apathetic and blase about what’s so wrong with this town and the people who live in it and run it.

Have all the downtrodden masses had the spirit sucked out of them or are they just illiterate, lazy or scared of possible consequences should one of the Bradley Hardacre-style bosses which infest this area happen upon their letter.

I’m angry that I sent an email to Stephen Lloyd the day after his election victory which he hasn’t replied to whilst, despite being political polar opposites, Nigel Waterson always promptly replied.

I am angry that when I sent suggestions to Eastbourne Reborn (as they were then), I didn’t even get an acknowledgement to my 16-page report.

We live in a town of around 90,000 people yet when there’s any serious discussion about anything that’s wrong, it’s complaints about pathetic things like the Dotto Train by people who obviously live such luxurious lives, they have to find trivial things of minuscule importance to complain about.

I’ve got plenty to be angry about but I can only deal with one subject at a time in my letters to the papers.

Oh, how I wish I had a dedicated page in the Herald with which I could vent my spleen to my heart’s content!

But it should be up to everyone else to pick-up on what’s wrong with this corrupt town.

Don’t just rely on me and my glorious right-wing nemesis, John Wilkinson to do all the complaining. Isn’t it about time everyone else put pen to paper about what makes them angry.

I suppose, looking at a lot of the population, their attitude would be ‘Look at my face! Do I look bovvered?’.

Dave Poole, Penhurst Close.