Anything to avoid walking

I ALWAYS feel you have to be pretty lazy to use your car to go to the local shops, but it beggars belief when you’re so indolent that you end up using the disabled space just to avoid having to walk another ten yards.

Most of these car users potter around with just themselves in their selfish little fiefdom without ever thinking that maybe some housebound neighbour may like to have a lift into town for a change.

Recently-ish, I noticed a Chelsea tractor parked outside a local computer shop, on double-yellows, on a roundabout and blocking most of the pavement.

I suppose it may have been acceptable if the person concerned was taking delivery of a massive PC system.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when her bratty son flounced out of the shop carrying a laptop.

You know who you are! Might I suggest that if you did a bit more walking, you may be a little less corpulent and maybe your son won’t end up like you.


Penhurst Close