Answer lies across Channel

IF former MP Nigel Waterson (Herald, October 28) could take a short trip across the Channel to Dieppe, via Newhaven, he would find the answer to the EU question he puts to our very pro-active current MP Stephen Lloyd.

There he will find that despite the worldwide recession, the town and the whole of the Seine-Maritime region is making good use of European and national government funding to restore large areas of the town and to spend 77 million euros on major improvements to the N27 (the equivalent of our awful A27) connecting Dieppe to Rouen en route to Paris.

I was there last week and the shops are full of high-quality merchandise, there is a thriving market with fresh fruit and veg, fish, meats and cheeses and Noel (Christmas) is being heavily promoted.

Older people and the sick are very well cared for with much better pensions and healthcare.

True, slightly higher personal and company social and health contributions fund this but that is what makes France and other EU countries truly civilised.

It seems Mr Waterson is out of step with his own party leadership - withdrawal from the EU would not be a panacea for our own problems.

In fact it could result in more pressure on our businesses and our own currency.


Devonshire Place