Angels really do exist in Eastbourne

THERE are people who say that there are no such things as angels, I beg to differ!

I enclose a list of such angels who have been helping me. I refer to the Enys Road Surgery community nursing team.

This dedicated nursing team have been fantastic in their fight to keep me out of hospital, by treating my infected ulcers on both legs at my home.

They have been visiting, two, three, even more times a week since January 1st, 2012 to change the dressings on my legs. I am glad to say due to their great nursing skills they have won the battle and my legs are now better.

It is with grateful thanks to the following nursing team Linda, Stuart, Tracey, Lorraine, Jossett, Sarah, Dee, Sam.

I hope the nursing team will forgive me if I have missed any names out.

And what an outrage it is that the multimillionaire yobs at No 10 Downing Street who think they are ruling Great Britain have allowed their mates in the banking world, RBS boss Stephen Hester who lives on £1million to £2million a year and a huge bonus, but cannot find any money or a wage rise for community nursing and other front line hospital staff, and how strange that politicians can always find plenty of funds for war.

Could I also say a big thank you to the paramedic teams who came to my rescue on February 4 at 6am and March 17 at 1am.

Also a big thank you to my great neighbours and friends who have been helping me in my time of need. Pam Conyer, Colin Stratford, Jean Cockburn, Jane De Weck, Peter and Jackie Lee, Carl Woods (Pentlow Nursing Home service) Neston and Tina Porics, Tina retired nurse (Princess Alice Hospital) also Neston still nursing at the DGH also Princess Alice, All Saints after 40 years in the hospital service, Richard Ford and many others who helped this year and one last angel which has four legs.

I refer to Bonny the little white West Highland Terrier. Owner Colin and Jane De Weck, this cheeky little angel on four legs who visits me most days is a tonic.

The only thing Bonny wants out of life is to roll over and have her belly rubbed. So this letter is proof there are plenty of angels still with us.

BRIAN WARD (disabled),

Carew Road