An open letter to the PCT...

LAST year the East Sussex Downs and Weald Patient Care Trust (PCT) announced that partly due to financial constraints it was cancelling plans to provide an Outpatient, Accident & Emergency (A&E) unit in Seaford.

In view of this decision the people of Seaford requested a public meeting with the PCT.

In response to this demand for a public meeting, the PCT agreed to hold a health fair in Seaford (to allow the PCT to answer any queries which are raised and to gather people’s view to help inform future planning).

We have since been advised by the PCT that the health fair has been postponed to a yet to be determined future date. According to your spokesperson the reason for the postponement is to allow more time to discuss internally how best to enable your local clinical leaders to get involved in the Health Fair.

The people of Seaford are concerned that to all intents and purposes the health fair may have been cancelled.

We appreciate that there are on-going discussions between the Trust and local GPs, it is however important that the views of the people of Seaford are gathered and taken into account in these discussions.

Therefore, it is vital that the health fair is held.

Whilst we understand the need for the PCT to consult internally on how best to involve clinical leaders in this event, it is also important that the PCT demonstrate its commitment to stage the health fair by setting a date.

It is our view that setting a date will help focus PCT internal discussions and help ensure that your internal consultation process is timely and not protracted.

I look forward to a press release from the PCT setting a future date for the Health Fair in Seaford.

Samuel Adeniji

Buckle Drive