Am I naive in hoping decency will prevail?

I READ with interest E W Parkman’s letter (Herald, June 22) and have an experiences relating to the Hastings Freeview transmitter.

Fifteen months ago, my analogue aerial needed replacing. I contacted a local firm to assess the options, and it was decided to fit a freeview aerial, and because the Heathfield Transmitter was apparently ‘underpowered’ at that time, Hastings was the best chance of receiving Freeview programmes.

This worked well until the retunes needed but then, to my dismay, I lost so many channels which apparently are no longer supplied by Hastings.

I made a request to the original aerial contractor who left a message on my answerphone.

I immediately called him suggesting a change to the Heathfield transmitter and was greeted with his voicemail intimating a response would follow.

I have called and text him many times now with no contact from him to suggest any plan of action.

As a senior citizen on a low fixed income, I do not expect a new aerial, but would hope for a better attitude toward an existing customer.

Perhaps he is too busy installing new systems to worry about my woes? Or am I naive in hoping for the decency to prevail?


Astaire Avenue