All speed, no style at air show

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From: Alan Cooper

Bakers Farm Park, Hailsham

I was, and the first time in the 13 years I have been attending, disappointed in the Eastbourne Air Show 2017.

For me it was very flat and boring in many of the events. Of course we lost a great show-stopper in the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight being grounded – no fault of course of the organisers.

Perhaps in its place the Dakota could have flown which is also part of the BBMF?

The Red Arrows of course were up to their usual high standard but there were too many fast jets and not more of a balance of the slower aircraft of bygone days.

The only one that slotted into that bracket was the Catalina Flying Boat which flew around the sky like a huge bird and one wished we could see it land on the water by the pier.

But not enough of this to match the fast jets which are not always easy for the spectator to focus on.

The ground static show for many years had been reduced, in the early days an events arena with dog shows and other such things for the people to watch as a contrast to the flying particularly the children at the show.

It seems the Forces cuts have hit Eastbourne Air Show as much as everyone else, but on the whole very uninteresting.

The stalls along the seafront have never recovered with many not coming back since the folly of charging £10 entry, all you have now is a series of fast food stalls. How many burgers can you eat in one day.

I’ve got serious thoughts about attending the Air Show in 2018, particularly if the BBMF is grounded for good.

One wonders if this is not the ideal reason for getting rid of such an icon, it seems the trend now – let’s forget our past and what many sacrificed for us, but we shall see. On the whole a very dull, boring and flat air show with too much frantic flying and little grace.