All should enjoy public holidays

British people can no longer complain about being allocated fewer holidays compared to their European neighbours, because when they are allocated bank and public holidays greedy bosses expect them to work and they readily do so.

Only Christmas Day is sacred and I wonder for how long this will be.

Good Friday sees a surge of shoppers descend on the High Street as if there were to be a famine in the land.

This day is the most holy in the Christian calendar.

My father worked in the retail shoe trade, his employers were Jewish, but the shop was never opened on Good Friday.

A bank holiday is now only observed by banks, post offices, building societies local government offices and public transport.

Observing a public holiday such as the one celebrated on April 29 shows an enormous reluctance on the part of the retail trade and as a consequence many of their employees suffer.

An example is a single mother who is forced to work on the royal wedding day, when in the interest of family life and a child’s education she could be watching the ceremony on television and being involved in a street party.

Her child could see the future king get married.

This is an historical event unique to our country.

I agree we do have a financial crisis, but it will not be overcome by the greed of major retail traders.

Mrs J. I. Hoban

Lindfield Road