Alight one day, but not the next

LAST week you kindly published my letter concerning poor service offered by Stagecoach buses.

You may be interested to know that one of the services I complained about (bus 99, Eastbourne to Hastings via Bexhill) has some exciting, although worrying developments.

I boarded the bus to come into Eastbourne on Monday and the driver announced it does no longer stop outside the old Co-op.

This was despite the fact that I counted eight people wanting to get off at this stop (it is ideal for TJ Hughes).

Apparently this was to be the new correct route.

Customers complained and were told to ring Stagecoach.

The following day (and each day since) the service has not stopped.

So, we have a bus that will only stop at a bus stop when particular drivers are on board.

One day you can alight, the next day you cannot.

What great service from Stagecoach!

Mike Allaway

Royal Parade, Eastbourne