Alienating older voters


From: Eleanor Dudley

Trinity Trees

Why does Sir Vince Cable keep on about the Brexit referendum demographics when we know how each age group voted?

But whatever, I must remind him – and everyone else – that while 75% of 18-24 year olds voted remain compared to over 70% of over 65s voting leave, only 36% in total of 18-24-year- olds bothered to vote at all compared to 71% of over 65s.

So if it’s the future of younger people that he’s bothered about, he should ask why didn’t more of them vote? After all, there are nearly 8.1 million people in the UK in the 18-24 age bracket and a comparable number aged over 65 – and with the population ageing year-on-year, their long-term future is at stake as well.

So if 75% of all those aged 18-24 had voted remain, the result of the EU referendum would have been decisively the opposite – and Sir Vince and other remainers would probably now be arguing against us Brexiteers demanding another referendum because the government didn’t tell us what future membership of the EU would involve.

As to his claim that “Brexit voters wanted a Britain where faces were white”, he should take note of the fact that 52% of British Sikhs voted leave as did 33% of mixed race and Asians and 30% of Chinese and Hindus. And while these are not the majority of voters from those backgrounds, they are a sizeable minority, which certainly reflects some disquiet on their part apart the future of the UK as a member of the EU.

Vince Cable has certainly alienated the older voters with his comments . He is 74 so maybe he should not be using ageism in his speeches.