Airstream is award-winning

The ever iconic Airstream trailer which the council have had the imagination and sense to use as a temporary snack venue on the Wish Tower sight is under criticism.

That’s not a surprise in itself. There seems to be a section of society in Eastbourne which seems intent on moaning about anything and everything.

I would like to take issue with a specific criticism however, that states that “the Airstream would hardly win any awards for design”.

Well, this view just demonstrates the sort of ignorance which is all too prevalent in Eastbourne.

The Airstream silver trailer, which was designed by Wally Byam 80 years ago has won many prestigious design awards and continues to do so to this day.

It is considered to be the most presigious of trailers. It is also synonymous with the era that many of the films that have been shot using Eastbourne reflect, ie the 40s, 50s and 60s, therefore being entirely in keeping with the style of our iconic seafront.

Apart from it being a fun, iconic design, the ‘Airstream’ has fantastic practical benefits for the council as well.

Last year, a company who were going to install a temporary cafe, pulled out.

The ‘Airstream’ now belongs to Eastbourne and therefore its use can never be withdrawn on an outsider’s whim.

It is also adaptable and fully mobile so can be used at any of the great events that are on offer in town, fulfilling a need for many years to come.


Cavendish Place.