Airship memories of Eastbourne

ON seeing Mr De Torre’s ‘appeal’ in the Gazette this week my memory buds got creakily to work!!

I can recall seeing an airship over Eastbourne between 1937-1938. I cannot remember exactly which year, but would hazard a guess at it being 1937 - I would have been nine years old.

Memory says the day was clear and that the airship was travelling east to west - towards Beachy Head.

When I saw the airship it was over Princes Park, and I was viewing it from Myrtle Road.

It was not very high in the sky and appeared a shiny silver in colour.

It was travelling quite slowly and was low enough to be able to hear the whirr of the engines.

I do not think that the ‘event’ had been advertised as no one knew of its arrival.

That is about the total sum of my memory of the day - I hope it helps in your endeavours.


Latimer Road