Airbourne TV was a disappointment

Well done Eastbourne Borough Council for another fantastic Airbourne. My family are avid fans of the air show and we go every day.

Sadly the weather on Thursday was not good but the flying at the weekend was just brilliant. We usually love everything about Airbourne but I have to criticise the new Airbourne TV.

What’s the point of having screens facing sideways along the beach when all the action is up in the sky and over the sea?

Maybe they were useful to some people on Thursday when the flying was cancelled, but we were on the promenade under the Western Lawns and not near the screens.

Last year we listened to Radio Airbourne on the PA system and they played good music and did interviews with pilots, but this year we got a TV soundtrack, mostly droning noises of planes we could not see and long commercial breaks for places we did not know.

But the worst was Saturday evening when we stayed to watch Grease in the arena.

The ‘giant outdoor screen’ was actually quite small, the sound was dreadful and people around us were fed up and fidgeting. We gave up and went home.

I hope Airbourne TV was funded by sponsorship and advertising, not by the council and the good people of Eastbourne.

I know this was its first year and you have to try new things, but it didn’t work for my family and, if it returns next year, it’s got to be a whole lot better. After all, Airbourne is a top quality show.

Sally Wilkes

Little Common