Airbourne still a crowd-puller

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Email your letters to us

From: Bill Winchester

Woodgate Road

I watched the whole of this last Airbourne, courtesy of on my computer, and what a show it was.

Mobility problems meant that I could not attend the actual site.

I was sorry to read a letter in the Herald last Friday where it was suggested that it should all be scrapped, the same old things every year, and all that comes out each year about the noise and the old aircraft.

I have a soft spot for the old warbirds.

After six weeks of pounding the seafront of Blackpool in January 1941 I found myself posted to RAF Hawkinge near Folkestone in Kent to 91 Squadron which flew Spitfires.

I was sent to the armoury making up belts of ammunition and servicing the guns of the Spitfires and re-arming them when they had been fired in anger.

Being the closest airfield to the enemy at that time life was a little hectic.

Cancel Airbourne? Past its interest?

Seeing the crowds of people, young and old on the seafront this year, would seem to me to say keep the show going, and I for one agree.

It is a crowd-puller – no doubt.

I will be 97 in two weeks time and I am looking forward to seeing the 28th Airbourne, maybe to see a Mosquito and a Canberra jet in the line up.

Which reminds me, I could do with a new undercarriage.