Airbourne is the best free airshow in the UK by far!

I AM delighted that the Eastbourne airshow, Airbourne, has won the dogfight between its rival Bournemouth’s airshow, but has proved not to be as popular as the Eastbourne four-day festival of flight as voted by visitors to (Eastbourne Herald, January 20).

Airbourne has quite rightly won the Best Free Airshow 2011 with more than 300 votes cast in this category.

Eastbourne Borough Council should be and feel very excited about being given this vote which has shown that they have given the best experience in 2011.

Having read the many reviews of Airbourne posted on Airscene for many years, they have now been crowned the Best Free Airshow which is fully justified.

Airbourne is the best free airshow by far, in my view, which with a packed programme including various flying displays which are complemented on the ground by arena displays and exhibitions entertaining all of the family.

There is also great hospitality for all visitors with a marquee, bandstand concerts, fireworks finale and many more attractions.

Airbourne fully deserves to have been voted the Best Free Airshow which I think Eastbourne Borough Council should be very proud of and should now fully ensure that this very successful and popular event continues to be staged every year.

There is little doubt that this very successful airshow attracts thousands of visitors to the town every year and brings in many millions of pounds to the local economy which gives the town a great boost.


Rowan Avenue, Hove.