Airbourne better off without it?

IN REPLY to Chris Smith’s letter in the Herald (June 17), while every local aircraft enthusiast with love to hear the howl of four Olympus 202’s engines roaring down the Eastbourne promenade this August, we have to accept that those operating the Vulcan for display have to be a little picky where XH558 attends.

Due to technical restrictions the aircraft is only allowed to fly no more than 40 hours per show season, and with her new home being in Sheffield it would eat considerably into those flying hours if Airbourne was slotted into its show calendar.

While Mr Smith is correct in stating the aircraft is booked at Bournemouth, it is also attending the Shoreham airshow on the same day, flying between the two and so minimising flying hours.

Secondly, the Vulcan is an expensive aircraft to have at your airshow, meaning a high percentage of airshow budgets are being putting aside just to display this one aircraft.

And its attendance is not guaranteed, other technical regulations mean the Vulcan has to fly to shows low level, meaning its prone to poor weather – it has missed the RAF show at Cosford earlier in the year for this reason.

I wouldn’t want to attend an Airbourne with only a handful of aircraft on display because the majority of the budget got allocated to the Vulcan, which is stranded up north due to a bit of rain.

I’ll pop over to Shoreham the weekend after for my Vulcan fix, I hope Mr Smith does the same.

Jon Luck

Hamsey Close

Old Town